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Guest Information

Welcome to Shadow Hawk Golf Club, we are pleased to have you as a guest and hope you enjoy your visit. Shadow Hawk values its traditional approach to golf and we ask that guests respect our expectations for behavior and dress.

Dress Code: Soft spikes are required. Only conventional and appropriate Golf attire may be worn on the course. Men’s shorts should not be shorter than four inches above the knee. The following may not be worn: tennis shorts, gym shorts, jogging clothes, tank tops, men’s T-shirts, swimming attire, street shoes, heeled shoes or denim of any color. Street shoes and denim are permitted in the Clubhouse.

Locker Room: We will be happy to provide a locker for you during your visit to the club. Please change your shoes in the locker room.

Mobile Phones: Mobile phones should be set on a non-audible ringing when on the Golf Course or Practice Facilities. Mobile phones may be used in the cart staging area adjacent to the Practice Facilities but not while on the Practice Facilities. Mobile phones may be used on the course but if use of a mobile phone is causing a group to slow play on the Golf Course, that group will be asked to leave the course. Mobile phone use is permitted in the Clubhouse, but please be aware of how your conversation may be affecting others that are in close proximity.

Speed of Play: A riding or walking foursome playing eighteen holes in four hours or less is Club standard. Play ready golf!

Course Care: All players are expected to (or have their Caddies) fill divots with sand, repair ball marks on Greens, and to smooth foot and club prints in all bunkers with the rakes provided. Please avoid littering the course with cigarettes, cigars or food and drink containers.

Cart Driving: Golf carts should be driven with attention to course care. Care should be taken not to drive within close proximity of greens, tees and bunkers. Carts should not be driven straight down the fairway from tee to green. They should be driven on the cart paths when possible. When wet conditions exist and carts are not restricted to the cart paths please avoid driving where surface water is visible. Players are expected to observe all signs, stakes and markers used to guide Golf Carts.